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"I met Tonya at our church's women's retreat. She was the guest speaker and there was something refreshing about her. She shared her story and the amazing things that God had done in her life. I was really struggling at the time and listening to her brought this yearning in my heart for a change. Her words pushed me to step out in faith and seek healing for myself through God. I am forever grateful for her because she was a great part in my healing journey. And now I walk in freedom Every day and I am so thankful. I know she will continue to share the love of God and encourage so many more people."


Christina from Texas

"Two years into our church plant venture, I felt it was a good time to have a ladies retreat; but I felt in my spirit that it needed to be very specific to the need our brand new church had: to get a revelation of identity in Christ and live the freedom that sonship provides. It's one thing to hear the pastor's wife talk about it regularly, but to hear it from someone who boldly walks in it and whose life testifies of it is gold! I began to pray for the right woman to come into my path - not long after asking, God was faithful to provide Tonya! The moment I met her, I knew that this was a woman transformed by love and she bursts with it! Out of her very being, joyful love and peace overwhelmed the women of LifeShare Church. Not a single woman left without a profound revelation of God's love for them. Two years later, the women who received still talk about it. Tonya dove into our church community with a kingdom partnership and a unique way of creating a bond of friendship that made letting her go home difficult! We wanted to keep her for our very own, but alas! her family needed her much more.

I'd like to add one more story. At the time before Tonya came, I had a few "difficult" cases - life and death situations. These women needed to get a revelation of love. Tonya's story, backed up by her love, touched these particular women. In fact, one of them just returned back to us after 10 months at Mercy Multiplied a completely transformed woman who is now serving and loving women just like Tonya did! All of this because Tonya's story planted a seed of hope that they too can be free from bondage and live life to the fullest as a daughter of the King!"

Anna Thevaos

Associate Pastor of LifeShare Church

"Tonya spoke in 2019 at our Ladies' retreat. From the moment we met she beamed the joy of Jesus. She actually radiates joy! Once I heard her stories of how Jesus met her, healed her, filled her with His purpose for life, I was so much more in love with Him. He is so good and she is proof. Her life is a miracle! She so obviously walks in step with Holy Spirit and beautifully relays parts of her story as He leads, to touch the hearts of other women so that they might know His love."


Jaime Flores

LifeShare Church

"I have known Tonya Geddes for years, and I have watched her grow from a young single girl to a tremendous wife and mother of three young boys. Tonya is a phenomenal speaker with one of the greatest testimonies that I have ever heard. I highly recommend Tonya as a speaker who will have a huge impact on any audience."

Nancy Alcorn

President of Mercy Multiplied


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